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How does HeadsUp! User Engagement help?

Oliver AlblHi, my name is Oliver Albl. We run a lean startup that we call HeadsUp! User Engagement.

Our mission is to speed the acceptance and full use of your software or web service worldwide, closing the user-feedback loop with structured data collection, ticketing, bug tracking, and agile-based project management. Take a quick peek!

We fix several of the weakest links in the application development lifecycle starting with user engagement feedback from alpha and beta testers.

We deliver a set of cloud services and applications that enable small product and customer development teams to produce insanely great products in half the time it would take without our system.

How? We transform ongoing user experience feedback into multivariate data and pivotal insights, including user stories and defects that the team can integrate into a Kanban-style project manager and workflow system – how small teams can quickly build better products faster.

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Amaze yourself with the power of transactional feedback and multivariate data

Who are ideal customers for HeadsUp!?

  • Are you developing mobile apps for enterprise or professional users, building into your product a capacity for contextual upselling, microtransactions, and user-to-user adoption support?
    Yes? Then you will want to know …

  • Are you an executive driving an enterprise startup, using agile-lean frameworks and existing resources and infrastructure to bring a disruptive innovation to market?
    Yes? Then you will want to know …

  • Are you running an internal IT Developer Operations (DevOps), driving user acceptance of internally developed mobile applications?
    Yes? Then you will want to know …

  • Are you an entrepreneur bringing an innovative web application to market, using agile development and lean startup principles to achieve a Minimum Viable Product?
    Yes? Then you will want to know …

  • Are you an executive in charge of marketing consumerized SaaS applications, building sales momentum from early customer success and strong word-of-mouth referrals?
    Yes? Then you will want to know …

What is the Value Proposition of HeadsUp! User Engagement?

HeadsUp! User Engagement system reduces three critical benchmarks:

  • Time-to-validate responsive designs across all desktop and mobile devices
  • Time-to-achieve user acceptance
  • Time-to-achieve product-market fit (where the app sells itself)

The "secret sauce" of HeadsUp! User Engagement is a unique, fun-way of collecting structured data and user feedback.

Structured Data Collection and User Feedback

HeadsUp! enables developers to capture structured feedback of (ratings, multiple choice, scales, etc.) from any class of users. In addition to user-generated feedback, HeadsUp! will record:

  • A profile of each end-point user device (browser, version, operating system)
  • Navigation history and page-load times of all of the content and application resources (stylesheets, scripts, images)
  • Automatically or at user choice capture and send a screengrab of the user's browser window.

HeadsUp! then transfers this data as a user story to your HeadsUp! Suite (a comprehensive set of resources) that includes:

  • Your personal scrum-based project manager
  • A CRM optimized for beta test user management
  • Ticketing system and bug tracker
  • Full-featured document management and project room
  • A web content management system with super search function

...everything that a developer needs to drive the build-test-measure feedback cycle of the lean startup.

Access to UX/QA test lab

Qualified customers of HeadsUp! will have access to a fully equipped UX/QA test lab (located in Linz, Austria -- a great excuse to come visit, sail on the Danube or ski in the Alps). Check out this video tour. You can see that the lab already has two dozen mobile devices -- ready for you to test your apps and web services as a HeadsUp! customer.

Schedule permitting, HeadsUp! customers will get free access the UX/QA lab, a service that might cost USD 5,000 a day or more.
Watch video...

HeadsUp! Listening Devices

We are super excited about the possibilites for "structured listening" to the voice of the user... at every stage of the lifecycle of consumerized enterprise applications and, especially, mobile users. Open a detailed PDF with visual explanation of the listening devices.

HeadsUp! User Engagement drives a feedback cycle characterized by Build-Measure-Learn, representing an especially attractive capability to developers already executing a Lean Startup.

A transformational application for your business?

My team and I believe, that a user engagement feedback channel, powered by a cloud application such as HeadsUp! User Engagement can transform the business model of app and web service developers. How?

In future versions of HeadsUp! User Engagement, you will see how to use our web forms to execute in-product upselling and contextual sales proposals. We believe that HeadsUp! User Engagement will play a significant role in "mass customization" of cloud based applications to the needs of individual customers and their willingness to pay for incremental value.

These customization requests will of course require super agile processes for rapidly configuring functions within cloud applications. So you see, it's critical that developers and SaaS vendors tightly integrate feedback to user accounts and an agile project management system.

I personally invite you to join me in this next way of innovation and market disruption.

Oliver Albl

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Amaze yourself with the power of transactional feedback and multivariate data